Thursday, January 22, 2015

Students Lead Week in Spiritual Emphasis

We are presently enjoying our annual student-led Week in Spiritual Emphasis (WISE)   The theme of this year’s WISE is "Connect," and each student speaker is sharing how he/she connects in meaningful ways with God.  Speakers for WISE are:
  • Benjamin Amoah, a 1st year General Studies major from Orleans, ON
  • Kelissa Geffrard, a 3rd year Adventure-Based Counseling major from Miramar, FL
  • Rechelle-Lee Smith, a 2nd year Behavioral Science major from Brampton, ON
  • Roland Scalliet, a 3rd year Elementary Education major from Saint-Georges, QC
  • Jeff and Josh Bradburn, 2nd year General Studies majors (and twins) from Tilamook, OR
  • Bailey Muller, a 1st year Secondary Education major from Woodstock, ON
  • Jordane Smith, a 3rd year Religious Studies major from Mississaugua, ON
  • Marc Andrade, After-Degree Education, from Winnipeg, MB
  • Maison Leitch, a 2nd year Biology major from Lacombe, AB
  • Jose Sanchez Abuchar, a 3rd year Religious Studies major from Etobicoke, ON
  • Mark Ricalde, a 3rd year Religious Studies major from Calgary, AB
  • Ashia Lennon, a 1st year Religious Studies major from Regina, SK
Brenden Zypotichny, a 3rd year Religious Studies major from Langley, BC, leads the congregation in the week's theme song, "Your Presence is Heaven to Me."

Being an old, hymn lover, the highlight of Friday evening's song service for me was having all of the students remind me with their beautiful singing that This Is My Father's World.

Benjamin Amoah used lessons he's learned from his cell phone and data plan to illustrate how we can stay connected to God.