Thursday, January 29, 2015

President Switches from Blog to Facebook

After three years of publishing news about Canadian University College on my blog at, I am switching to Facebook.   You can find the new and improved Burman University President's Page at   If you go there now you will find three news items already posted.  Please go there, become a friend, indicate you like something, leave a comment, or just lurk anonymously.

The CUC President's Page Blog will remain available to online viewers for a few more months.  Most of its posts have also been preserved in CUC's archives.

I am switching to Facebook because that platform will allow me to post news items more quickly and more often.  I also believe using Facebook will allow me to share news about CUC/BU from my unique point of view with a much wider, larger audience.
Please click this photo for a larger view of the new and improved.
Burman University President's Page now on Facebook.

Thank you for using my blog!  Since it began on November 9, 2011, I have posted 356 stories about CUC/BU that always included photos and occasionally videos.  During that time the blog has received 114,172 pageviews from literally all over the world.

The Top 5 Most Viewed Posts of all time are a pretty good overview of the 5 most important (or traumatic) events of my presidency:
1.  Board Votes to Rename CUC Burman University (1644 pageviews)
2.  Small Explosion and Fire Result in Significant Water Damage in Science Centre (1554 pageviews)
3.  Campus Lockdown Lifted (1374 pageviews)
4.  Premier Hancock Authorises Dropping the Word "College" (1145 pageviews)
5.  Report From the Road: Portland and Calgary Media Share Story of Theft (485 pageviews)

Thank you for your prayers and support.  I look forward to continuing our time together on Facebook!

Mark Haynal, EdD