Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Award-Winning Documentarian Martin Doblmeier Makes Three Presentations

Martin Doblmeier, who, with his company Journey Films, has produced more than 30 films, spoke about his work at University Convocation Tuesday, October 8.  In addition to his presentation Tuesday morning, Mr. Doblmeier screened two of his films and led a discussion following each showing.   The Power of Forgiveness was shown Monday evening and The Adventists 2 was shown Tuesday evening.

Shown below is the introduction of Martin Doblmeier given by Dr. Joy Fehr at University Convocation:

I am pleased to introduce to you today our featured interviewee. Martin Doblmeier is the founder and president of Journey Films, a film and television production company located in Alexandria, VA that focuses on religion, faith and spirituality and their role in our world today. Since beginning Journey in 1984, he has traveled on location to more than fifty countries to profile numerous religious leaders, religious communities, heads of state and Nobel Laureates. His films examine how belief can lead individuals to extraordinary actions, how spirituality creates and sustains communities and how faith is lived out in the most challenging times. Since its founding, Journey Films has produced thirty award-winning films and documentaries, including an Emmy in 2010 for the film Washington National Cathedral: A New Century, A New Calling, and six Gabriel Awards for best film on a topic of religion.  Martin himself has also twice won top honours from the Religious Communicators Council.
His most acclaimed film is 2003's Bonhoeffer, a documentary film on the German theologian and Nazi resister Dietrich Bonhoeffer who joined the plots to kill Adolf Hitler. The film was released nationally in theaters and took the top prize for documentary films at numerous film festivals, as well as a Gabriel Award.  Martin Doblmeier has also worked closely in recent years with the Seventh-day Adventist church, having profiled the denomination in the documentary The Adventists, released in 2010, as well as The Adventists 2, released just this year.  I am looking forward to seeing this particular film this evening right here in the College Heights Church.
Mr. Doblmeier holds degrees in Religious Studies, Broadcast Journalism, and an honorary degree in Fine Arts. 
If you attended last evening’s screening of Mr. Doblmeier’s film The Power of Forgiveness, you will have heard Mr. Doblmeier tell us that he is on a personal journey, a quest of sorts.  He keenly wishes to discover how God is alive and well in the world and is privileged to find his answers as he uncovers how God is alive and well in the lives of other people.
I know that we will be blessed this morning to catch a glimpse of God’s workings in lives: Martin Doblmeier’s life and the lives of the people he encounters as a result of his work.
Please join me in welcoming him this morning.

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