Wednesday, December 18, 2013

October is Record-Breaking Month for the President's Page Blog

One way Dr. Haynal "waves the CUC flag" is by
publishing the President's Page Blog.
Although the number of "hits" this blog receives each month has increased steadily since it was first published in November, 2011, a record-breaking 5,644 people visited the blog in October, 2013.  (The number of "hits" the blog received in November was a more normal 3,771.)  What caused this surge was the post about the explosion and fire in the Chan Shun Science Centre.  More than 1,500 people have viewed that particular story!  

In a distant second place for number of hits since the blog's inception is the February 19, 2013, post titled, "Maclean's Report Identifies Canadian University College's Strengths."  The remaining stories in the Top 5 of All Time are:
"I am very gratified by the number of people across Canada who tell me they regularly check the President's Page," said Mark Haynal, CUC's President.  "It is because so many church members are interested in and supportive of CUC that we are able to offer students so many good services and experiences here at CUC."

In addition to the President's Page there are two other online sources for news about CUC: Our website and our Facebook page.

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