Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two Stories of Fur Coats from the CUC Archives

(As we put memories of a harsh and long winter behind us, CUC's archivist, Edith Fitch, presents a couple of stories about fur coats.  Notice the very substantial fur coats worn by those in the photo above.)

A. G. Daniells
GC President 1901-1922
Elder A.G. Daniells, the longest serving president (1901-1922) of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, attended the second Quadrennial Session of the Western Canadian Union Conference in Calgary, February 12-21, 1924. Mrs. C.L. Stone, wife of CJC’s former president 1922-1923, noticed that Elder Daniells did not have a warm winter coat. She spearheaded a drive to raise money to buy him a fur coat. Eleven months later in January, it was C.L. Stone’s privilege to get the coat from Payne Furriers in Calgary and wear it all the way to New York City to deliver it to Elder Daniells where he was holding meetings. Two days later, Professor and Mrs. C.L. Stone sailed for Panama.

The February 10, 1925 Western Canadian Tidings printed a thank you letter from Elder Daniells dated January 23, 1925.

Dear Brother and Sister Stone:
            I am writing this note to express my appreciation to you and all the kind hearted friends in Western Canada who united in presenting to me this warm and splendidly made over coat Bro. Stone has brought to me. Many times in my cold rides during the last twenty-five years I have felt the need of a wool or fur coat, but really never expected to have one. But by the action of dear friends in Western Canada I now have just what I need in this respect.
            This has all been a great surprise to me as I knew not what was going on until the arrangements were all completed. I cannot repay you, but I can appreciate your brotherly kindness and thank you all with my whole heart.
Your sincere brother,
A.G. Daniells

C. L. Stone
CUC President 1922-23
The second story is an announcement in the April 13, 1926 issue of Western Canadian Tidings.

Professor Stone, who is now in Inter-America, would like to sell the fur coat which he had made from Persian lamb pelts while he was in Canada. This coat was not worn very much, and he will sell it for $100.00. For further particulars write the Tidings, College Heights, Alberta.  (In an earlier advertisement he was asking $150.00 for the coat!)

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