Thursday, May 29, 2014

CUC History: Our First Yearbook

Cover of the 1927 Yearbook.
The first “Annual” of Canadian Junior College (CJC) rolled off the press in 1927. The name Aurora was chosen for the northern lights as a symbol that the light of CJC might shine out to the remotest corners of the Western Canadian Union Conference. The four aims for publishing an annual yearbook were:
  • To disseminate information regarding our College throughout the Union;
  • To interest young men and women in obtaining for themselves a Christian education;
  • To act as a means of training for the students; and
  • To be a remembrance to them later of pleasant days spent here.
With about one-third of the book dedicated to business advertisements, the cost of the annual was one dollar.  Thanks to our ability to scan documents, you can peruse the book at no charge here.

A campaign was initiated in April to solicit subscriptions with competition between the boys and girls. Excitement soared on May 20 during chapel hour as President Herbert Klooster walked in with a bundle of one, five and ten-dollar bills for the winners. The subscriptions totaled 948. Of this 509 belonged to the girls and 439 to the boys. Cheering filled the chapel for several minutes. The girls were happy they won the contest but they soon discovered the boys were good losers. Mr. Jacob Wagner, dean of men, congratulated the girls on their success and attributed their loss on the phase of the moon.

The top three Individual winners were Alex Clark for 56 sales; Pearl Voisey for 43; and Elizabeth Goerlitz for 41.

--by Edith Fitch

Alex Clark

Pearly Voisey

Elizabeth Goerlitz

CJC President Henry Klooster

Dean of Men Jacob Wagner

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