Monday, January 19, 2015

From the Archives: Student Financial Statements through the Years

Shown below are four student financial statements from four different decades.  Each tells a story of how life at CUC has changed over the years.  

1.  Adolph Bechthold kept his account current but he might have saved $9.75 if he had not been “behind in labor,” or owed for a window and been absent from classes in April 1929. 

2.  Imagine having to pay five cents for the use of the iron in 1937 like Robert Lawes.

3.  In 1947 Edith Fitch’s account was debited 35-cents for broken dishes. Utmost speed was needed for her to dry all the dishes as they rolled out of the washer and occasionally, while working at top speed, she broke a dish. Her hourly wage was 33 cents. 

4.  Mr. I. Johnstone of Armstrong BC donated fence posts on his daughter Florence’s account in 1955 to defray expenses in the amount of $131.

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