Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apartment Converted into Riverton Hall Lobby

Because Riverton Hall has no large common areas Vice President for Student Services Stacy Hunter and the deans have converted Apartment 405 into a lobby/lounge.  The entire space has been filled with what one student described as "a comfy leather couch, bookshelves, numerous study desks with lamps, attractive and comfortable arm chairs, a dining table for group study, and a few items that make the place look nice and inviting, such as a mirror and some artwork."

The space is open and supervised from 9 pm to midnight and at other times if an RA or Student Dean is available.  Students use the lobby/lounge not only for studying but also for shared Sabbath meals, birthday parties and other social events.

"This has been a very positive addition to Riverton Hall," said Student Dean Faith Calaminos.   "Those who utilize the space appreciate it and are grateful for the efforts that have been made to ensure this residence hall meets their needs."

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  1. I have always been proud I went there for HS Class of 82 and College Class of 89. Great to see steady improvement!!!!
    Sheldon Schultz.