Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CUC Students Hold Youth Rally at Deer Lake SDA School

A group of CUC students spent their Family Day weekend break in Burnaby, BC, where they presented a Youth Rally, Friday and Sabbath, February 18 and 19 at Deer Lake SDA School.  Programming consisted of music, skits, videos and the spoken word.  Attendance at the five meetings held ranged from 100 to over 200 youth from the greater Vancouver area.

Friday evening's message, "Learning to Fail," was presented by Richard Gray.  Sabbath morning's sermon was titled, "I Need a Saviour," and presented by Jorge Torres.  Marc Andrade spoke Sabbath evening; his message was titled, "Can You Hear Me?"

Sabbath afternoon featured a variety of workshops.  The rally ended Saturday night with an exciting dodge ball tournament.

"We were pleased with the high school students' willingness to open up and share some of the things they were going through," said one CUC student.  "Several of the young people approached us with questions such as 'How do I recognize God's voice?' and "How do I know it's really Him speaking?" 

"Some kids we met are still texting us and telling us how much they appreciated the programs," said Carvy Luceno, one of the rally organizers.  "Several of the young people who may be coming to CUC next year are already talking about how they can't wait to help hold another Youth Rally next year!"

"This experience has allowed us to not only connect with the young people from the greater Vancouver area, but has brought all of us closer to God in way where we have seen Him use us in ways and guide us to do things we never thought we could do before," said Luceno. 

Students from CUC who participated in the Youth Rally are: Marc Andrade, Daniel Kim, Richard Gray, Marcia Meija-Blanco, Abraham Samudio, Chelsea Dalmacio, Janelle Mutya, Kryzia Abacan, Ashley Stulzer, Jorge Torres, Ammmishaddaih Flores, John Masigan, Mariel Machar, Akeem Ambrose, Sara Luceno, Sarah Mallari, Andrel Wisdom, David Fletcher, Mitchel Keenan, and Carvy Luceno.

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