Monday, March 31, 2014

Choral Union Performs in Portland

Choral Union is on tour in BC and the USA and as he did last summer, Clement Morton has agreed to send updates from the road for the President`s Page Blog.
The sound of a ringing phone jolted us awake Wednesday morning.  That wake up call meant it was time to come down for breakfast, and what a breakfast it was!  A hotel buffet full of good things including pancakes, potatoes, and eggs.
Once we were all stuffed and ready to head out we made our way back to our rooms to gather our luggage and board the bus. Our next stop was a The Grotto, an absolutely beautiful 62-acre shrine and botanical garden with a chapel in which we sang three songs to the delight of the people who happened to be visiting. The acoustics were amazing and we had so much fun hearing how our voices mixed and blended and reverberated off the walls and plaster mouldings of the ceiling. For morning worship Jeff Bradburn, one of the twins with the choir shared with us a message about all of the blessings he has enjoyed.
Loading the bus once more, we headed off for a few hours of shopping in a mall in downtown Portland.  We explored the many shops and wares that were for sale. So many choices!  Some things we passed up but some things provided too great a temptation, and so it was with heavy bags and light pockets we made our way to the Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church for our evening concert.
The Sunnyside Church was absolutely beautiful, everything was incredibly organized and the church was prepared for our arrival. As we entered the kitchens and dining areas we were greeted with possibly the best looking food that a hungry student could want: Baked potatoes, salad, buns, ICE CREAM, and many other assorted goodies. We piled our plates high and enjoyed every bite. God bless the wonderful hands who prepared that meal!
Here is how one person described our performance: "The voices of each part, from the lowest of the bass notes all the way up to the highest of the sopranos, the melodies and music they created filled the room, resounding again and again in our hearts and ears long after the last strains had faded away."
We are billeted Thursday night in church members' houses. God bless the wonderful families who have welcomed us in with open arms.

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