Friday, March 7, 2014

Researcher Discusses "The Gospel According to N-Glycoprotein Folding"

Dr. Pekka Maattanen, a biochemist who recently completed a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Saskatchewan spoke at University Convocation, Tuesday, March 4.  Dr. Maattanen shared spiritual lessons he has learned from his study of N-Glycoprotein folding.

"Although it was a scientifically technical presentation, I was completely fascinated by what Dr. Maattanen said," commented one student.  "I left the service once again amazed at how much evidence there is of God's creative genius at the molecular level!"

Dr. Maattanen developed his interest in protein misfolding diseases while working at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Ottawa during the first Mad Cow epidemic.  More information about Dr. Maattanen's research can be found here.  The printed program for this event may be read here.

Faculty from CUC's Division of Science provided leadership at University Convocation.  Dr. Bruce Buttler, Dean of the Division of Science, introduced the speaker.
CUC's Gospel Choir, under the leadership of Terez Musgrove, presented the anthem, You Are God Alone, for special music.  Following the anthem choir members presented Musgrove with flowers to thank her for leading them this year and to wish her well as she leaves CUC.

Following his presentation Dr. Maattanen met with students for lunch and additional discussion in the Sunrise Room.

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  1. Thanks for posting Dr. Haynal! It was a pleasure to visit CUC! The pubfact links seems not to work with the name converter, but this one may work better if anyone is interested in looking at the literature.
    google scholar will also work

    For a review of Endoplasmic Reticulum protein folding quality control:

    Blessings to all the students, faculty, and administration at CUC! - you are in my prayers!