Sunday, July 6, 2014

Premier Hancock Authorises Dropping the Word "College"

After several years of lobbying by the presidents of Alberta's Independent Academic Institutions (CUC, Ambrose, St. Mary's, Concordia and The King's), Premier Dave Hancock has given them permission to drop the word "college" from their legal names.  After careful study, the Board of Trustees will, during the 2014-15 academic year, adopt a new name for CUC that does not use the term "university college."

"Because the classification 'university college' is unique to Alberta, potential students and administrators of post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world have always been uncertain and often confused by our name," explained President Mark Haynal.  "Referring to ourselves simply as a university will more clearly reflect our status and enable our students to pursue graduate school and employment without having to repeatedly explain the nuances of Alberta's six sector model of post secondary education."

In 1997 Canadian Union College officially adopted the name Canadian University College.  It included the words "university college" in its name to comply with government requirements and to reflect the degree-granting authority it had been given by the province in 1991. During its 107 year history, this institution has operated under six names:

  • The Canvassers' School (1907)
  • Alberta Industrial Academy (1907-1914)
  • Alberta Academy (1914-1919)
  • Canadian Junior College (1919-1945)
  • Canadian Union College (1945-1997)
  • Canadian University College (1997- )

"We have begun the process of determining what Canadian University College's new name will be," said Haynal. "While faculty, staff, students, alumni and others will certainly have opportunity to share their ideas, the Board of Trustees will make the final decision during the 2014-15 academic year."