Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Wide Variety of Class Gifts have been Presented to CUC

Graduates of a school typically give a gift to their alma mater in their senior year to promote a philanthropic spirit among them and to encourage a legacy of giving. CUC has benefited from the generosity of its alumni and friends who continue their financial support of the “school we have learned to love, Our CUC!”

The bird bath given by the Class of 1931 was preserved thanks to the
Class of 1961.  Standing by the bird bath is Carolyn Hoyt whose
aunt, Nettie Baerg, was a member of the Class of 1931.
The Class of 2014 contributed $6400 that they asked be used to install additional plug-ins in student parking areas.  The earliest class gift we are aware of is 1922. The class president, Marvin Knoll, and his 13 classmates gave a drinking fountain for the main floor of the administration building. The next nine class gifts on record are as follows:
1923 Loud speaker for the school radio; class president, Clifton C. Hubbard
1926 Large wall clock, class president: Carson Morrison
1931 Rock garden and bird bath; class president, Roy Bowett
1932 Electric clock for the chapel; class president, Arthur Ross
1933 $15.00 for missions; class president, Walter Roberts
1938 Sidewalk from West Hall to the basement northwest door of the administration building (under chapel stage) to the laundry; class president, Hugh Campbell
1939 Black hardcover ledger with bolts in the spine; class president, Norman Taylor
1943 Wall standard to hold 2 flags; class president, Rudolph Johnson
1948 Pulpit made by Mel Andersen; class president, William “Bill” Soloniuk

Of these ten years, three gifts still remain. In 1996 the 1961 class executive wrote a letter “to whom it may concern,” to urge the preservation of the bird bath gift of 1931. If you remember your graduating class gift to CUC and/or PAA, we would like to hear from you so we can add to our files.

The Class of 1931 gave CJC a bird bath, seen here in its original setting in a rock garden in front of the Administration Building.  The bird bath still stands in the middle of the walkway leading from the Administration Building to the Cafeteria.

The Class of 1939 gave CJC a general ledger book.  Bernie Vatcher Leavitt's (left) aunt and Marianne White's grandmother, Edythe Vatcher White, was a member of the 1939 graduating class.

The Class of 1943's gift was a wall flag holder, held in the photo above by Beth Winslow
Dunlop, a member of that class.  In the photo below graduands of the Class of 1953
pass that flag holder as they take their place in the chapel.

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