Wednesday, August 27, 2014

City of Lacombe Radically Improves Maple Drive

The City of Lacombe has begun resurfacing Maple Drive and adding curbs and sidewalk from College Avenue down the hill, past the PE Centre to Rosedale Valley.  "The City's engineers spent a great deal of time consulting with us at CUC and the staff of the College Heights SDA Church to ensure the Maple Drive upgrade met everybody's needs," explained CUC President Mark Haynal.  "When finished, this portion of Maple Drive will be visually appealing and a great deal safer for pedestrians."

Perhaps the greatest safety enhancement the upgrade will provide will be a clearly marked crosswalk with a flashing light between CUC's main campus and the PE Centre.  Students will now be able to walk safely on a sidewalk from the church all the way to the PE Centre.  There will also be an asphalt trail from the PE Centre to the edge of Rosedale Valley.

"We've contracted with the same company that will be resurfacing Maple Drive to have them resurface the parking lot adjacent to the church and the McKibbon Education Centre," said Haynal.  "We saved some money by having them take care of our parking lot while they were working on Maple Drive."

Drawings of the landscaping improvements that will be made can be viewed here.

A newly-resurfaced Lot G by the church, before the lines were drawn.

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