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CUC's History: Prominent Visitors in 1917

E. D.Dick (1888-1977) Principal of Alberta Academy
and Canadian Junior College 1915-1922.  Later
he served in Natal, Africa as principal of Spion
Kop College; Secretary of the South African 
Division, Secretary of the General Conference, and
President of Potomac University.  He is also
Dr. Denise Herr's grandfather.
Professor E.D. Dick, principal of Alberta Academy (forerunner of CUC) wrote in the Western Canadian Tidings, December 6, 1917 that the school “has been somewhat interrupted, though, too, we are glad for the interruptions.”  In one month’s time, the school was blessed with five prominent visitors.

Shortly after school opening October 31, Elder Meade McGuire and Elder J.J. Reiswig conducted a Missionary Volunteer convention. Following this, Elder W.C. White from St. Helena, California visited briefly. He had attended and spoke at two Union meetings in Vancouver BC and from Alberta he spent a day in Winnipeg.

Next to arrive were Professor Smith of Walla Walla, Washington and Professor Frederick Griggs of Washington, D.C.

All these visitors missed the luxury of electricity which was available on campus for the first time December 1, 1917.
J. J. Reiswig (Unknown-1971)
Education Secretary for the Western
Canadian Union in 1917 and later
served as president of the Alberta
Conference 1920-1928.

Meade McGuire (1875-1967), a
dedicated leader and promoter of
activities for the young people of the
church and the Pathfinder organization
also served as an associate director
of the General Conference
W. C. White (1854-1937) son of Ellen G. White
and an influential minister and church leader.
He served as secretary/director of the
Ellen G. White Estate until his death.

Frederick Griggs (1867-1952) an
educator and pivotal figure in the
development of the SDA
correspondence school around the

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