Monday, September 29, 2014

Serve Lacombe Day Receives Strong Support

Over 150 faculty, staff and students spent Thursday afternoon, September 25, helping others as part of CUC's annual Serve Lacombe Day.  This year's event was expertly organized by Kaitlin Grovet, a 4th-year Business major from Lacombe.  "I never imagined this year being so successful," said Grovet.  "It was phenomenal to see the the willingness of my fellow students to help others!"
Kaitlin Grovet led the team that
organized this year's Serve Lacombe

"Jesus took the time to fulfil people's basic needs, and through acts of service, we can follow his example," said Grovett.   "That is what Service Day is truly about, and I am confident that we were able to accomplish that this year. We met our community's needs, and that is what made it a success." 

This year there were 22 different service opportunities for participants to choose from.  Reviewing service options and signing up was made easy with online tools.  Service opportunities ranged from removing mould to singing to seniors.

One of the more unusual service opportunities allowed students to use their artistic gifts painting and decorating Lacombe's trash bins.  One of the most popular service options was working at Ruff 'n Tumble Doggie Day Care and Kennels.

"Pastor Adam was so amazing to work with," said Grovett.  "Without his openness to ideas, willingness do whatever was needed whenever I asked and love for our community, I would never have succeeded in heading up this project."  Grovett added that the backbone of her leadership team for this project was Jessica Hall. "That girl amazes me with her dedication, hard work, and love she pours into her work!" explained Grovett. "There is no way I could have done this without her. A lot of sweat and tears were put into this project from the both of us, and I find it hard to say she wasn't just as much of an organizer of this event as I was."

Before heading out to their project location, each student received a Serve Lacombe Day t-shirt and a box lunch.

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