Friday, February 14, 2014

ARAMARK Presents New 4-Week Menu Rotation

In its ongoing effort to fully meet the needs of its CUC customers, ARAMARK has revamped its four-week menu rotation.  The complete menu can be found here.  (Week 3 ended with Sabbath, February 15.)  Cafeteria users should keep the following schedule in mind as they plan their culinary adventures for the remainder of CUC's academic year:
February 16-22 is Week 4
February 23-March 1 is Week 1
March 2-8 is Week 2
March 9-15 is Week 3
March 16-22 is Week 4
March 23-29 is Week 1
March 30-April 5 is Week 2
April 6-12 is Week 3
April 13-19 is Week 4
April 20-26 is Week 1

"We have purchased some new gluten-free products, including gluten-free desserts," said Cafeteria Director Richard Cameron.  Cameron believes that with these additional products and with regular labeling of vegan and gluten-free items students with special dietary needs will have an enhanced dining experience.

Cameron encourages students to share their ideas and suggestions with him personally or through the online feedback site ARAMARK has established.

When students return to CUC this fall they will be pleased to find that the serving area of the cafeteria has been completely renovated.  "ARAMARK plans to set up additional serving areas that will offer students options such as a potato bar and a taco/burrito bar," said Stacy Hunter, vice president for student services who has been dogged in his efforts to ensure CUC students enjoy great food.  "In addition to offering attractive new serving areas, the entire area will be redesigned so as to have better flow, more efficient service and fewer linups," said Hunter.

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