Friday, February 7, 2014

Student Week in Spiritual Emphasis Inspires the Campus

Harrison Chokka, a Religious Studies major from Edmonton spoke
Wednesday evening's meeting, January 22.
One of the most inspiring and encouraging weeks of the academic year is Canadian University College's student-led Week in Spiritual Emphasis (WISE).  Twelve students spoke at this year's WISE which began January 20.  The theme was, “Their Story, My Story, Your Story, His Story.” At each morning and evening meeting speakers talked about their favorite story in the Bible and how that related to their personal story, to each student’s story, and the story God is writing for each of us as we follow Him.

Speakers this year were: Jessica Hall, Abraham Saudio, Mikayla Burnett, Harrison Chokka, Nisha Johnny, Anthony Kern, Chet Stickle, Christopher Young, Andlaine Joseph, Daniel Innocent, Brenden Aquino and Breeann Burghardt.  Video of each presentation will be available online soon.

During each meeting, from the very start of the meeting until its conclusion, a small group of students met in a separate room to pray for those leading the program and those listening.  These prayer warriors were organized and led by Campus Ministries Prayer Coordinator Rolland Scalliet, an Adventure Based Education major from Saint-Georges, Quebec.

"I was extremely pleased with the very high level of student participation and support we had for this year's WISE," said CUC Chaplain Adam Deibert.  "The speakers shared in an open and honest manner that was wonderful blessing."

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