Friday, November 21, 2014

Kevin Burrell Joins Religious Studies Faculty

Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell, a 2012 graduate of CUC who has most recently been completing a master's degree at Trinity Western University, has joined the faculty of the Religious Studies Department.  "While we are sad that long-time professors Dr. Larry Herr and Dr. Doug Matacio are retiring, we are pleased a scholar of Kevin's calibre is joining our faculty," said CUC President Mark Haynal.

Professor Burrell says he is both honoured and thrilled to be back at CUC.  "I have the rare opportunity of returning to my alma mater as a faculty member and I owe this appointment to the foresight of professors and administrators who saw ‘potential’ in me and encouraged me toward further education," said Burrell.  "And while my journey towards higher education remains ongoing, I look forward to contributing positively to the core values and the high educational standards which make CUC such an attractive institution at which to earn a degree."  (Burrell plans to soon begin working on his doctorate.)  

For the past two years Professor Burrell has been pursuing a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies with emphases in biblical languages and exegesis.  The title of his thesis is, Conceptualizing Historical Periodization in the Apocalypse to John: The Canonical Shaping of the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns in Rev. 13:1-3.

Professor Burrell will be teaching four courses next semester:
  • RELT 130 SDA Christianity
  • RELL 202 Elementary NT Greek II
  • RELL 455 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew
  • RELL 325 Apocalyptic Literature

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