Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Support Our Students Campaign Seeks to Raise $50,000

Fourteen Parkview Adventist Academy student workers recently logged a total of 66 hours preparing 8700 pieces for mailing as part of this year's Support Our Students (SOS) campaign.  Last year the campaign brought in just over $28,000 for worthy students; this year the goal is $50,000.  Unless otherwise specified by the donor, donations are shared evenly with PAA and CUC students.

"The Support Our Students Campaign is a unique fundraiser in that 100% of the donations received are directed to individual students who have the greatest need," explained Vice President for Advancement Jerrold Ritchey.  "Because of your generosity some promising young person who is struggling financially will receive the encouragement he or she needs to stay focused on their studies and goals for service." 

In addition to responding to the mailings, donors can also contribute online at this link.  Please indicate that your donation is for the SOS campaign and whether you want the money to benefit PAA (high school) or CUC (university) students.

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